About Us

Miss Safari Africa International Beauty Pageant is a brain child of Funtyme Africa, designed tocreate a platform for the Discovery, Training and Empowerment of the African Girl Child. The grand nale is expected to crown a beautiful, intelligent, courageous and inspired African Cultural Ambassador that will showcase and represent the undisputable role of women in tourism Promotion, Community Development and Environmental Protection.



Our Mission

The mission is to inspire and encourage the African Girl Child to positively engage in Creative activities that will give them the edge in modern day society through career Training Leadership Development and Personality Investment


Our Vision

Miss Safari Africa Project is driven by the Potential and Capacity of the empowered African Girl Child whose dream is to build a lasting legacy in Community Development and Women Empowerment.


Our Objective

The objective is to initiate an Intellectual Interaction between National Government to revisit the tourism sub-sector, to harness its diverse possibilities which includes generating revenues of immense proportion


Our Foucs

The focus is on complementing African National Governments in Protecting the African Sea Creatures, Wildlife, Mangrove Forests and Amazon, through Organized awareness campaigns against Human and Wildlife extinction, illegal porching, deforestation and Oil Spillages.
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